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Economic Outlook – April 2017

QCG’s economic outlook for April 2017 – GDP at it’s slowest growth rate for a year.

The power of telling it like it is – A lesson for reward communications

A viral job post was doing the rounds recently and it got me thinking about the power of no-nonsense, plainspoken communications in reward. Granted, the learnings that I picked up could well be applied to a variety of areas involving communications; but for the purpose of this article I will look at these lessons through […]

Highlights from the QCG Heritage Sector event on 15th March

We were happy to once again bring together HR representatives from across the Heritage Sector event to talk about the outcomes of the annual QCG Heritage Sector Pay Survey and to discuss reward and engagement issues more broadly. We had an afternoon of informative and fruitful discussion on a wide range of topics.

Gender Pay reporting and the opportunities – and risks – that you may be ignoring

Would you be able to talk about your experience in a country when all you have done is see (a small part of) it through a plane window? Unlikely, right? And yet, it seems like this is what many companies are at risk of doing by not going much farther than what is required by Gender […]

Turning Engagement Survey data into meaningful action

People analytics is an increasingly hot topic at the moment, as more organisations look into applying the benefits of big data to their HR information.  It’s certainly true that a more sophisticated analysis of the data you hold on your employees can lead to better decisions on recruitment, retention and reward.

Reward practice today – or the Cuban conundrum

At QCG we went out to test whether traditional methods employed in reward management are still fit-for-purpose, particularly in the face of a list of challenges that loom large in 2017. The general view is ‘not quite’. The research we presented at the latest QCG Reward Leaders’ Forum event shows that only 7% of participants […]

QCG Regulators Pay & Benefits Survey Event – Headlines

Last month we conducted our annual QCG Regulators Pay and Benefits Survey event for participants in London. The event provided an opportunity for survey participants to discuss the results from this year’s edition, contextual information for the pay environment, and wider trends in the sector. Additionally, we provided extra base pay analyses broken down by […]

Big data, big intuition, big results

Data has always been out there. Did you know that recently, researchers studying clay balls from Mesopotamia have discovered clues to a lost code that was used for record-keeping about 200 years before writing was invented? You do now. Those clay balls apparently represent the world’s very first data storage system, from around 3100BC.