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QCG provides consultancy services across the regulators and other ‘inspection-related’ bodies sector. We support clients on our full range of talent and reward consulting services.

We also have run a specialist comprehensive pay and benefits survey for the sector since 2000. You can find information on the survey scope and last year’s participants here.

The survey provides function specific data not covered by general industry surveys, reporting data on base pay, bonuses, allowances and other benefits, with data cuts provided by discipline, sector, location and tenure.

The surveys have formed a community of regulators and other ‘inspection-related’ organisations involved in regular information sharing and networking events.

Peter Fairchild leads our work in the regulatory sector. Peter joined us in 2014 as a Consultant and has worked with regulators sector organisations since then on a number of projects.

Get in touch to find out more, or click here to see the 3 main headlines from last year’s Regulators and other ‘inspection-related’ bodies survey.

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