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Market pricing and benchmarking

People often say benchmarking is both art and science. They are right. In order to produce a defendable benchmark you need good data, a sound understanding of job sizing and good judgement – the art bit.

At QCG  we have access to a large number of data sources, the freedom to choose which one(s) we use and the expertise to bring them together to provide well-informed reward benchmarks that you can take to your stakeholders with full confidence.

Our reports are easy to follow and easy to work with. We provide you with quality data and the context and information necessary to make sure you understand the key findings from our work and feel comfortable communicating them to others.

We can help you with specialist pay and benefits benchmarking in a number of sectors as well as bespoke market pricing in the broader private and public sectors.

Working on a package for a new hire? Dealing with a challenge from an employee or line manager? Need external backing for a salary recommendation?

And you won’t have to break the bank. We can offer different pricing options to meet your requirements.

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