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Engaged Employees

The importance of engaged employees to business performance is now well established, but it is more than an annual survey. QCG can help drive up your engagement scores and business performance through:

Employee Engagement surveys

Undertaking state of the art engagement surveys, with slick administration, analytics, actionable insights as well as intuitive online reporting.

QCG can understand your issues through extensive research and experience, including over 20 million survey responses. We truly understand what drives engagement at work.

Engagement insights and solutions

The real value from an engagement survey comes from using the results to make meaningful changes in your organisation and take the steps necessary to engage, retain, and motivate your employees to do their best work.

QCG provides upstream and downstream consulting to get under the skin of issues and collaboratively work on the ground to deliver employee buy-in to lasting solutions.


Translating your inspired leaders’ vision, employee needs and expectations into a compelling Employment Value Proposition (EVP).

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Annual employee engagement survey and action planning

The Challenge: As the successful UK division of a foreign-owned technology company, our client wanted to ensure they kept the best bits of their culture as their growth took off. They needed help to understand what those best bits were for employees, and how to develop and maintain them through the inevitable change coming their way.

Our Role: We partnered with the client initially to help them understand what drives engagement for their diverse range of employees, and subsequently to help them address teething problems arising from fast paced growth and a challenging economic context. Through our engagement survey and follow-up focus groups, we helped them over a number of years champion their customer-rooted values, and smooth over their siloed strengths, to build employee commitment and productivity.

The Outcome: By getting to the root of what drives their people, and harnessing this to their companies’ success, the client has improved their already impressive customer satisfaction ratings, and further developed a loyal customer base in the some of the most challenging financial times. Their growth stands out in the rest of the company and their employee engagement continues to blossom.

Managing Director Managing Director | Toshiba Medical Systems, UK

"QCG's work was fundamental to us in re-aligning our marketing strategy in a more focused and responsive way.”

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