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Employee experience

Get ahead in a competitive talent market and position your organisation as an employer of choice

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Give your employees a reason to want to do their best work.

We work with you to identify what it is that makes your organisation unique and special in the eyes of employees. Messages and people priorities can then be aligned to these areas, ensuring an authentic employee experience.

Our approach builds on extensive research into the attributes of work that determine the attractiveness of a particular organisation for both current employees and potential candidates.

Performance Management

Organisational success is underpinned by employee performance, therefore it is key to have a system in place that enables employees to do their best work....

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EVP Diagnostic & Survey

How do you know the ‘employee deal’ at your organisation is compelling enough to engage employees, or attract the talent you need to succeed? Our Employee Value Proposition diagnostic can help you find the answer to that question....

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EVP Design

Too many companies guess what their workers value the most. By talking with your people and analysing against the market, we help you nail your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)....

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Employer Branding

Use your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and employer branding to market to candidates to ensure your current and potential recruitment pools are as wide as possible so you get the right talent for your organisation....

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Civil Service Pay Remit 2023-24: What you need to know

Posted on: 26 April 2023

Civil Service | Heritage & Visitor Attractions | Public Sector | Regulators | Reward

Following the recent publication of the Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance for 2023-24, we would like to offer a view...

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What does benchmarking look like in the current climate?

Posted on: 31 August 2023

Employee Experience | Recognition

The times we live in demand a greater sense of transparency of the principles behind key decisions – from pay budgets to...

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