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Drive desired behaviours and reward great performance

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We help you develop and maintain Reward Consultancy plans to motivate your workers. Even the smallest improvements in Reward management can turbo-charge employee engagement and performance. Whether you need day-to-day support or large-scale intervention with your remuneration strategy, QCG’s experts can help you move forward with confidence.

Reward Strategy

QCG’s 5 Cs reward effectiveness model can be used to test the links between reward and the business strategy. Both from a top-down and a bottom-up perspective, to drive engagement and ensure maximum return on your investment in reward....

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Reward Frameworks

Having the right pay structure and reward framework is critical to the ability of any organisation to have highly engaged employees and get the right talent through the door....

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Our Reward benchmarks are informed by access to a number of data sources, and crafted with an expertise and experience built up over many years. They give you the tools you need to address your stakeholders with confidence....

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Salary Surveys

Data for support functions for both private and public sectors can also be found all year round via our Support Functions Survey, covering roles in corporate functions such as HR, Finance, IT etc. across numerous levels of seniority....

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Recognition is often one of the most important parts of the total reward package, yet is also often underused and sometimes even ignored. It tells employees you value their contribution, you want to communicate great performance across the organisation, and will commit to engaging them....

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Job Evaluation

We adapt our approach based on your requirement and culture. Whichever methodology we use, we ensure your job evaluation system is highly intuitive and simple to apply and explain, resulting in clear and defendable outcomes....

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Reward Analytics

At QCG, reward analytics is much more than just crunching numbers and producing headline figures. Get the right story behind the numbers and you will give a big boost to transparency, trust,  and engagement. ...

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Time after time organisations embark on a journey to find the incentives that will help deliver improved performance, only to find that there’s little change that comes out of this exercise. Or, worst case scenario, that incentives actually have a negative impact on performance. ...

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Return to the Workplace Survey: Key Headlines

Posted on: 22 June 2021

Employee Experience | Engagement | Organisational Effectiveness | Wellbeing

QCG conducted a survey to explore organisations’ plans in preparation for employees returning to the workplace ahead of the anticipated...

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Project Management, Engineering and Technical Roles Pay Survey

The QCG Project Management, Engineering and Technical Roles Pay Survey is a specialist pay and benefits survey for construction, infrastructure and rail organisations....

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