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People often say benchmarking is part science and part art. The 'science' behind any defendable Pay Benchmark is good data and a sound understanding of job sizing. The 'art' is the ability to apply sound judgement.

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Our Reward benchmarks are informed by access to a number of data sources, and crafted with an expertise and experience built up over many years. They give you the tools you need to address your stakeholders with confidence.

  Dep 1 Dep 2 Dep 3 Dep 4 Dep 5 Dep 6 Dep 7
Grade 1 103%   98% 90% 94% 94% 90%
Grade 2 103% 112% 113% 80%   101% 93%
Grade 3   121% 105% 101% 95% 96% 99%
Grade 4   117% 103% 94% 93% 95% 96%
Grade 5 112%   105% 98%   94% 102%
Grade 6 106% 117% 106%     99% 109%
Grade 7   99% 106% 115% 101% 114% 103%

Our consultants' reports provide you with robust data and a contextual clarity that enables you to understand and interpret the key findings, communicate them to others and answer questions with confidence.

  • How competitive are these results?
  • What factors might impact our competitiveness?
  • What do the results mean for our pay structures and reward strategy?
  • How can we maximise packages for new hires?
  • How do we use these findings to defend our pay stance against employees or line managers?
  • Can we improve our Employee Value Proposition by strengthening our benefits package?

We help answer all of these questions, and examine other factors that might determine your decisions around reward.

By tailoring our solution to your precise needs, we can cater for any organisational scale or budget. Our focus is on delivering financial benefit and a return on investment for your organisation.

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