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Job Evaluation

Is job evaluation seen as a ‘black box’ at your organisation, or is it transparent and well understood?

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The approach

  • Are outcomes consistent across the business?
  • Can you use job evaluation to defend differences in reward?
  • Is there a clear link between your grades and the process?
  • Do you have the right level of capability in place to manage grading decisions?

We have conducted extensive job evaluation work for 20 years. Our services include delivering QCG profiler (our ‘off-the-shelf tool), designing bespoke systems, auditing processes and outcomes, providing training and conducting evaluations on behalf of clients.

We adapt our approach based on your requirement and culture. We can use our own proprietary methodology and tool, other market approaches or simpler classification models. Whichever methodology we use, we ensure your job evaluation system is highly intuitive and simple to apply and explain, resulting in clear and defendable outcomes.


QCG Profiler ‘off-the-shelf’ solution

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ solution includes:

  • An excel-based tool to record, calculate and calibrate outcomes.
  • Factor and rating definitions.
  • Methodology guidance documentation.
  • 2-hour workshop with a QCG consultant to ensure you understand the methodology and supporting tool.


QCG Profiler Factor Definitions


Measures the specialist or technical skills, knowledge and expertise that need to be applied to be an effective performer in the role.


The complexity of problems and challenges involved in the role, the issues tackled and the judgments required to be made in order to find a solution. Key drivers are the size, scale and breadth of the problems and their complexity; and the requirement for originality/innovation in addressing them.


The responsibility for managing financial and physical (but not human) resources to deliver business objectives. The extent to which the role is required to plan, organise, direct and control resources to achieve outcomes and objectives. May include project/contract management and procurement.


The degree of challenge associated with leading or developing people in terms of inspiring, deploying, guiding, directing, and raising levels of performance. May apply to a fixed line hierarchy or matrixed (e.g. project) structures.


Bespoke job evaluation solutions

We can provide a tailor-made solution based on what you need covering all or a combination of the following areas:

  • Development of points-factor, contribution-based or other methodologies.
  • Evaluation of roles and/or mapping across of roles that have been evaluated in the past.
  • Definition and/or documentation of policy and governance.
  • Support with ‘selling’ internally a new approach.
  • Facilitation of job evaluation panels.


Review of methodology/governance

We work with you to get a thorough understanding of the system currently being used and the application of this system.

We typically do this by interviewing key stakeholders of the process, reviewing relevant policy and communications documents, and testing the outcomes of job evaluation using the results from a sample of jobs.

These reviews focus on areas including:

  • The type of system used – task vs contribution; analytical vs judgemental;
  • How job evaluation outcomes are used;
  • The level of understanding and consistency around the current approach;
  • Panel selection and level of training/capability within the organisation;
  • The approach to scoring and validation of results.

As a result of this review we provide recommendations to make better use of the current job evaluation system, highlight potential shortcomings of the system and offer solutions in this respect or suggest alternative approaches.

Testing of job evaluation outcomes

We can evaluate a sample of job evaluation outcomes using a variety of methods.

Our experience in working with systems commonly used in similar organisations like Hay, JEGS or JESP will facilitate this process, whether:

Testing the outcomes of our own evaluation against outcomes generated internally at your organisation. We can do this by using the same job evaluation methodology as used internally to test the understanding of how to use the existing framework and whether the methodology is appropriate for your roles; or
Using our proprietary methodology (QCG Profiler) as a second test of the job evaluation system. We will focus primarily in understanding the reasons for any discrepancies in relativities or general outcomes and their potential impact on reward.

Connect outputs to grades and pay and benefits decisions

We can also use our experience with reward frameworks to align outcomes from the process to grades and the wider reward system:

  • Determination of pay and alignment of employees benefits and wider Ts & Cs to the grading structure needs to be agreed in line with organisational strategy and objectives;
  • From a salary point of view a decision needs to be made as to whether salary ranges will be put in place for each grade or if other mechanisms will be used to manage salary decisions going forward.
  • Provisions should be put in place to set out how the grading framework will be used to inform key salary decisions including annual pay increases, hiring salaries, in-year adjustments and links to performance, as well as determining the degree of flexibility and guidance to set salaries.

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