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Reward Analytics

At QCG, reward analytics is much more than just crunching numbers and producing headline figures.

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Getting it right

Reward analytics is about asking the right questions, conducting the right analysis and using the results to ask “so what?”. This allows us to delve deeper into identifying what the real issues are, and to paint a picture of what the journey to address these issues looks like.

Get the right story behind the numbers and you will give a big boost to transparency, trust,  and engagement. This is even the case if the overall picture at first is not as rosy as you would like it to be.


What can we do?

We are able to conduct the following audits and assessments to help shape your story:

All analytics we conduct are analysed and reported in the context of your organisation’s wider Diversity & Inclusion agenda. 

We work with talent management stakeholders and processes to truly understand the barriers and challenges of working at your organisation – from a wide range of demographic perspectives.

We also look to uncover any aspects of reward which may be disproportionately impacting employees of different characteristics. If you are thinking of implementing a new reward system – or have done recently – we can identify elements of risk. Not only for base salaries, but across the entire reward package and Employee Value Proposition.

Our style is to identify hypotheses with you to test in discussions with different parts of the business. We test and refine these hypotheses to determine different levels of risk. A key part of this is to understand whether potentially unjustifiable differences in reward are isolated incidents, or indicators of something more systematic within your reward or talent processes.

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