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A Contribution-Based Job Evaluation Framework

Recent thinking is steering organisations towards contribution-based job evaluation models.

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Job evaluation models

These models provide a greater degree of transparency, reduced risk of a ‘pounds for points’ mentality and closer alignment to business realities when compared to more traditional, analytical approaches.

Contribution models are also ideal to reflect recent changes in the workplace in terms of less prescriptive jobs and the need for a single system that can be used across all job levels and areas of the business.


What is a contribution model?

Contribution-based job evaluation is a classification model that uses a set of grade-specific descriptors to guide the placement of roles in grades.

This approach is highly intuitive, cost-effective and business-friendly, without compromising on the rigour and structure required to produce defensible job evaluation outcomes that effectively support reward and the overall people agenda.


What does the contribution-based approach look like compared to the more traditional points-factor approach?

When designing a contribution-based job evaluation model, we provide our clients with two key deliverables:

  1. A set of descriptors (and other reference materials) to guide future job evaluations, including descriptors that apply across the organisation, and supplementary descriptors applicable to different functions or business areas (if required).
  2. A matrix with a full hierarchy of jobs showing roles under their function/department and the corresponding grade. We would also provide a read-across table to industry grading structures such as Hay or Willis Towers Watson to allow you to link jobs to external salary data.

The business benefits speak for themselves – reduced running costs, alignment with agile working, and the greater level of understanding involved, which in turn increases transparency across the organisation.

We have a successful track record of designing and implementing these systems for clients in a variety of sectors.

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