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Heritage and Visitor Attraction Pay & Benefits Survey

The QCG Heritage and Visitor Attraction Sector Pay & Benefits Survey is the only reliable source of pay and benefits data for the Heritage Sector. A must-have for reward planning and management.

HR Director, Historic Royal Palaces

Key information:

What is it?

  • The QCG Heritage and Visitor Attraction Pay & Benefits Survey is a specialist pay and benefits survey for heritage, visitor attraction and wider arts and culture organisations.
  • The survey covers roles in 9 specialist functions and senior management across 7 levels of seniority.
  • It provides function and sector-specific data not covered by other pay surveys.

When is it?

  • The survey submission window is open until the end of September, with results published in December.
  • We will begin having pre-survey calls with participants in the early Spring.

What do I get if I sign up?

  • A comprehensive report covering reward elements such as base pay, bonus, guaranteed allowances, total cash and total remuneration, benefits and broader market intelligence.
  • The survey results include breakdowns by function and region.
  • Sharing of best practice and thought leadership on reward and related topics.
  • A post-survey event providing an opportunity for survey participants to share information, review trends and in-depth analysis of survey results, and to discuss ‘hot skills’ areas and current sector issues.
  • An ongoing network of support, information and referral for reward professionals in the survey group and QCG’s wider network in the sector.

If you want to take part in the survey or have any specialist data requirements for roles in the sector, get in touch.

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Which roles and families are covered



How much does it cost?


Participation in the Heritage Survey costs £875 + VAT.

QCG’s Support Functions Survey also provides sector specific cuts alongside cross-industry data for base salary, allowances and bonuses. If you participate in both surveys, the Support Functions Survey will be offered at a discounted rate of £550 + VAT (otherwise costing £850 + VAT).


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