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Employer Branding

Use your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and employer branding to market to candidates to ensure your current and potential recruitment pools are as wide as possible so you get the right talent for your organisation.

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Brand awareness

Our work on brand awareness will be closely articulated with the work we do on attraction of talent in terms of looking at touch points with key audiences and the channels and content that you use to engage with them.

The strength of your employee branding and the degree of alignment with your EVP is a key consideration. We explore your employer brand (or how it is intended to be) and how it relates to the EVP in a workshop with members of the HR team and internal communications.

As part of the branding process we also review input from employee opinion initiatives and external crowdsourced content (e.g. Glassdoor reviews) to establish where are the gaps between the desired employer brand and your EVP – and which interventions are likely to have the biggest impact on closing those gaps.


Our services

  • Conducting Employee Value Proposition diagnostics to understand what employees and candidates value;
  • Developing a strapline and supporting messages to underpin your employer branding;
  • Assessing how effectively is your employer brand and EVP getting across to different audiences in current and potential recruitment pools;
  • Identifying specific interventions to enhance your employee experience in different stages of the employee life cycle;
  • Implementing and managing change e.g. communications, employee consultation, cost modelling or reviewing/creating policy documents.


Why bother?

Having a credible Employee Value Proposition design will allow your organisation to:

  • Stand out as an attractive employer;
  • Reduce pressure on compensation required to hire talent;
  • Reduce employee susceptibility to leave for financial reasons; and
  • Enable employee engagement across the organisation.

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